Sara's Famous Perogy and Pastry Makers
have been sold throughout the world and will help with any dish that you are making which requires you to cut and seal pastries or dough: perogies, samosas, empanadas, turnovers, dumplings, gyoza, tortellini, ravioli, cookies, tarts, desserts, pizza pops, calzones, and more.

SARA's makes it QUICK and EASY!

"Your perogy maker is an excellent product, I will be telling all my friends and family about it. Way to go!"

Kakabeka Falls, Ontario, Canada


"Thank you so much for shipping the perogy cutters so quickly. They arrived in time for our perogy bee and the ladies were so thankful. What a difference sharp cutters make. "

Minnedosa, Manitoba, Canada


"I have owned one of your amazing perogy makers for a number of years and have used it to make hundreds of perogies! I now work with a program called community kitchens and have taught ten families how to make perogies using my maker. I will be doing this again with another group and would like to purchase up to fifteen makers. I have also shared your info with two stores in town - hoping they will stock them for future purchases. Thank you for your awesome maker! You make perogy making fun!"

Prince George, British Columbia, Canada


"Recently I ordered a perogy maker and you mailed it to my 85 year old Ukrainian mother in Winnipeg. She is recovering from a heart attack and felt that she would never be able to make perogies on her own again. With the help of your device, she was able to return to her old love of making perogies. I wish you could have heard the laughter in her voice when she was telling me about her accomplishment! Your device made one seasoned cook very happy."

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


"3rd Generation perogymakers! Just want you to know that my mother uses your perogymaker to make her amazing perogies and taught me how to use it as well. I am buying these to pass on to my daughter & daughter-in-laws! It works fantastic!"

Betty J.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada







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